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Fee Schedule

FHLMC Form 70/FNMA Form 1004
Single Family (Under $300,000) $425 5-7 Days
Single Family ($300K - $500K) $475 5-7 Days
Single Family (Over $500K) QUOTE 5-7 Days
Single Family Investment Property (add) $150 5-7 Days
FHA Appraisals


5-7 Days

FHLMC Form 4465/FNMA Form 1073

Condominium Units


5-7 Days

Other Services
Final or other on-site inspections $150

1-3 Days

Recertification of Value - Update $150 1-3 Days
FNMA Form 2055 Exterior Only $300 3-5 Days
FNMA Form 2070/2075 Exterior Only $175 3-5 Days
FNMA Form 2070/2075 Interior/Exterior     $250 5-7 Days
Relocation Appraisals $600 5-7 Days

Please note:
Fees are determined by the amount of time necessary to complete an appraisal assignment.  The fee schedule above is given only for your convenience and guidance.  These fees are subject to change at any time.

Turnaround times are subject to our current workload and market conditions.  Exceptions can be made for our clients "rush orders" on specific occasions for an additional fee; to be determined on a case-by-case basis.